Welcome to The Shih and The Shen

This is a homebrew campaign using Old World of Darkness supplements. The setting is Dallas, Texas in present day (2014). The players with draw from a hat who will be the Shih (Demon Hunter X) and the other players will start the chronicle as mortal characters using vampire the masquerade rules.

As the campaign proceeds each of the remaining mortal characters will be “Turned, Awakened, Become Possessed, or go through their First Change” as a Vampire, Mage, Demon, or Werewolf. The balance of these characters is mostly negligible, as the canon from the settings is largely unknown to all of the players but the Shih. As these other supernatural have no real idea as to what the restrictions and proper etiquette of each of the supernaturals is they have no choice but to either go it alone, or join forces with the Shih.

We have decided to allow each ST to “turn” the mortal players into a supernatural determined by, again drawing from a hat until all mortal characters are changed.

Note: This is a campaign for advanced players only!!! Seeing as just about everything here is run by multiple Storytellers who trade off every session or every other session it is important that the players have run a world of darkness game before and have no problems with “Meta-gaming”. We also realize that this game goes against most everything the entire world of darkness is based off of, so we’re forging quite a bit of new meta plot for our own world.

The Shih and the Shen

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